Sunday, March 8, 2015

Don't tell the bees, but we love these Honeycombs!

Carol M
Quilters had a great time learning how to make 3-D Honeycombs in Saturday's Honeycomb Waffle, Too class at Cut Up and Quilt. We had some great discussions about how to choose 3 shades of a similar color so as to achieve those 3-D looks. It was fun to look around at all of their blocks as they worked on them. This quilt is from the book  ABC 3 -D Tumbling Blocks and More book by Marci Baker.
Audra W
 I hoped some of the students from last month's class would stop by with finished quilts...if you remember, I sort of challenged them! But we weren't so lucky...
Linda B

Debbie McQ
 I think they got inspiration from each other's color choices too, as they looked around the room.
Cheri V

Sarah M
 We noticed that when the same color was all stacked up, it looked like the little cube was sitting on a larger cube. Interesting pattern that you don't notice so much when you have muliple colors.
Sheryl S
Teaching this class just makes me want to finish my working model. I really need to get a few other projects finished first, though. I'm writing a pattern today and having a hard time staying at my computer since the weather is gorgeous and springy outside! Sigh....


Maggi said...

Some lovely colour choices and, now that you mentioned it, I can only see the smaller blocks sitting on top of the larger ones, even when there are multiple colours. Strange how the eye and mind work together.

Karen said...

The magic of these blocks are amazing!