Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ever so pretty....#Laugh Love Quilt

I spent a lot of time last week working on an idea I had for the Henry Glass Desire to Inspire Challenge this month. I get to work with the #Laugh Love Quilt fabric by Amy Hamberlin. As you can see, it's a beautiful collection with many soft, pretty floral designs. There is also a large quilting themed print, which I don't know if I can cut up.
Working on an idea usually means I start with one idea and it keeps evolving until it's something else that I like. I decided that those soft prints would look great together, all mixed up, so I cut some strips and started sewing them together. I chose a white cotton for the background fabric so that the fabrics would stand out. Since the navy really stands out, I have another plan for it!
When I make a project for the first time, I figure out what I will need to cut, cut it and hope for the best. That helps with pattern writing later. It's a double check for me too, as I'm checking my notes as I go.

Yep, soft to the touch!
Smokey and Conrad are always around to help with decision making and quality control.

Conrad was swishing that tail back and forth over the fabric. Lint rollers are my friend.

Luscious! I love the colors together and can't wait to start on the next step.


Kathy E. said...

Those floral prints are so lovely together! I'm anxious to see what your next step is! Keep the photos coming!

Linda said...


Karen said...

Love the soft, floral blocks. Looking good!