Monday, March 25, 2013

A great class!

 AS you can see, there was lots of braiding going on Sat. during class. Once they got their pieces cut, they really just took off and sewed like crazy!
It is always interesting looking at the different fabric selections....each has its own unique charm.

 I tried to give the class some other ideas for projects they could make using the ruler they had purchased for the class. There is a template on the pattern so you don't need it, but the ruler does make it much easier. In two weeks I am teaching the Lotus quilt pattern using the same ruler, but in a different way. I love the simple, yet eye catching  pattern and can't wait to see what spin others give it with their fabric choices.

 I worked all day yesterday on the Modern Cathedral Windows pillow, so it is ready to take to the shop later after work.


Quilter Kathy said...

These are lovely...makes me want to try making one!

Karen said...

These came out so nice. Glad you were able to squeeze in the making of another pillow. (I felt like it was my fault.)

Fiesta said...

Cool runners. Your students look so pleased and they should be