Friday, March 15, 2013

Borders for a great ending...

 I had a hard time choosing the borders for this sampler, so I ended up with the violet polka dot that I used in some of the blocks and a teal that looks good with the teal in the quilt. Of course my assistant had to get a close up look at the fabrics and see if they looked good with the quilt.
I got a lot done at work yesterday...the book carts were filling up so I spent a good share of the day shelving books. I don't always get much of that accomplished with kids coming and going...seems like I get started putting books away and someone needs help. But today was a little slower day so I got almost caught up. That doesn't happen much! Of course I got more books in after that....but I was caught up for a little while!   I also worked on some of the new books that I bought at the book fair last month. Lots of these are paperback picture books, which I want to get cataloged and in circulation. The kids are always excited about new books to read!

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Chris H said...

I love the colours for the border. Have a wonderful weekend Chick.