Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lazy night and giveaway

 We had a totally lazy night last night. I came home from work, made dinner and did nothing...all night long....nothing....this is pretty much what I looked like too, except I don't look this cute just sitting around. Hopefully I will have some energy tonight.
The Blog Party Hop giveaway is still open. I will ship anywhere, so become a follower and leave a comment on the original post. If I hit 200 followers, I am going to have another giveaway next week.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A new quilt shop and enter the giveaway!

 I didn't get any sewing done last night. I stopped out at Cut Up and Quilt to deliver my class models and they are looking good! It is really coming together and I couldn't be happier for them. It will be so nice to have a quilt shop in Council Bluffs. They had just gotten in a shipment of batiks....luscious! They have lots of blenders and some beautiful 108" backing fabrics as well. They are opening the doors this Sat. Sept. 1, and the Grand Opening is Sept. 15. If you live in our area,  you will have to stop in and check it out! Becky and Kim would love to hook you up with some fabric!

The Blog Party Hop giveaway is still open. I will ship anywhere, so become a follower and leave a comment on the original post. If I hit 200 followers, I am going to have another giveaway next week.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunday stuff and the giveaway

Is there anyone else that thinks this little pile of scraps is pretty? I spent yesterday working on the new sampler, which included squaring up a pile of half square triangles. These are the trimmings. I think they are pretty and look nice in a glass jar (yea, I have one filled with these...maybe I need a new decorator?)
I got block 3 finished except for some applique I want to put on it. I am out of fusible web, so it's on hold until tomorrow when I go in to teach class...I will pick it up then.
 Pretty strips of orangey-pink for the alternate blocks. I love this fabric!
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Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Enter the Blog Party giveaway, and last day to vote!

I spent yesterday shopping some local thrift stores with my sister-in-law...we had a great time looking around and I found a couple of great new books to read by Jonathan and Faye Kellerman. This is one of them and features a novel by each author, so should be a good chance to see if I like their style.

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Today is the last day to vote in the facebook contest Are you Eleanor's Biggest Fan? My entry, Potato Chip Quilt, Bet Eleanor Can't Make Just One! is here if you would like to vote one more time. Once the voting is over, the entries will be judged and a winner announced on Friday. The prize is a trip to one of Eleanor Burn's quilt retreats....who wouldn't love to win this prize!

Today I need to start work on the rest of the blocks in the new sampler. I have the blocks figured out and am ready to start cutting, so I am excited to get to work this morning! I love the fabrics! I guess that is why I love to quilt!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Quilter's Blog Hop Party with Give-aways!

I am excited to be joining the Blog Hop Party sponsored by Quilting Bloggers this weekend. I had a little trouble deciding what I should give away, though. I have been working on new versions of three of my favorite patterns this summer, so I decided to give one of them away, but which one? (putting my thinking cap on...)

The Circle and Spin is one of my favorite to make, as it is an easier way to make circular patterns in a quilt without a lot of worry. You vary the size of the loops and things don't have to match up exactly, but you get the circular motion. I have made this one out of batiks as well as asian fabrics. It's gorgeous in  any fabric. The pattern makes a queen size quilt.

The Potato Chip Quilt is fun to make as well and very addictive. The blocks go together quickly and showcase 12 fabrics of your choice in this great, graphic design.  The pattern shows you how to make this quilt in several sizes. 

The Peas in a Pod quilt is great for a throw or baby quilt. I like the simplicity of it and you can't go wrong with a piano key border. I have made it larger as well. It's easy enough for a beginner to make, but fun for any quilter. 

Since I couldn't decide which one to give away, I decided it would be winner's choice. Plus I'm giving away these four 1/2 yd. cuts of fabric to give you a start with whichever pattern you choose.

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is become a follower and leave a comment on this post about which pattern you would choose if you win. I will ship this prize anywhere, so good luck! This giveaway is open until Sept. 3!

You can click on the Blog Hop Party Link here or in my sidebar to find the list of blogs participating. Hope you win some goodies!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Sampler started

 I have been working on the design for a new Sampler for a couple of months, but keep getting distracted by the need to work on other projects. I think I have finalized the design now and have 2 of the blocks finished. I started designing sampler quilts about 8 years ago to teach different quilting techniques to students. It is more challenging each time as I try to come up with a different setting and new blocks to make.
 I am excited about these color choices and now that I have it figured out I can proceed with the sewing!

I am thinking about giving away one of my patterns and a few fabrics to get a start on it as my giveaway prize for the Quilting Gallery's Blog Hop, which begins Saturday. There's the Potato Chip Quilt...the Peas in a Pod Quilt....or maybe the Circle and Spin Quilt? What do you think? Would that entice you to enter a giveaway?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quilters Blog Hop Party

Michele at Quilting Gallery is hosting a Quilter's Blog Hop Party that begins on Saturday, Aug. 25. She will have a list of participating bloggers so you read your way through from one party to the next. An added bonus is that each blogger will be hosting a giveaway as well, so you can also enter for lots of great giveaways! I am going to participate, but I haven't decided what I will be talking about or giving away. I will make it worth your while to stop by, though....The Blog Hop Party will run through Sept. 3. There is still time to sign up to be a part of this event!

I spent some time last night working on a pattern for a demo I will be doing next month. I need to get back to the Sampler quilt too...sewing time is harder to come by these days! I wonder if they would notice if I brought my machine to school?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Amy Butler Magazine

I got an email yesterday announcing a new FREE online magazine from Amy Butler. I have long admired her fabrics and ideas, so I think this will be a wonderful source of inspiration. If you don't get her newsletters, go to the link above and sign up so that you will get the notification when she publishes her magazine in a few weeks.

Kids started coming in to check out books's great to get the year rolling by getting a book in the hands of every student!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fly away, fly away

I made some smaller flying geese yesterday. I made 3 sizes of this version. I think the smaller ones come out more perfect size-wise every time than the larger ones. Maybe I am getting better at it, that could be it. 

I want to mix and match a few sizes together. I think that will be cute.

Another Monday...missing those summer sewing days.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Conrad and some flying geese

 I have been making flying geese using the Flying Geese X 4 ruler by Lazy Girl Designs. I wanted to make lots of them to see if they turn out consistently the same size. Most people seem to shy away from them because they sometimes turn out a little wonky using the stitch and flip method. I have developed a method of squaring them up that works well, but since making them this way is faster, I wanted to test it. Using this method, you make 4 at a time. The ruler makes 4 Flying Geese  from sizes  ¾" x 1 ½" through 
½ " x 7" with each repeat of this very easy technique. I have been making 3" x 6" right now....though I want to try some other sizes too. 
I am using some of the leftover fabrics from the newest version of Peas in a Pod. Now I am just playing with them to come up with a way to use them now that they are made!

When they come up with a Project Runway type show about quilting, I am definitely going to send Conrad to the auditions...he looks great posing with any type of quilt!

Friday, August 17, 2012

A plant question and a present

My daughter, Wendy, brought over a back to school present the other night. Lots of fun things I can use at school!
I might have to keep the pens at home...sort of need them here! 

I have everything about ready to open the library next week. I always start off by having each class come down individually to talk to them about expectations, where things are, & how to look books up on the computer search. They will each get to check out a book as well. After this, the students come down on their own when they need a new book...only the First graders, Kindergarten and Preschool come for a storytime every week. 
 One of the ladies brought this plant specimen to class the other night. She has a tree that these grow on and wanted to know if anyone knew what they were.
They aren't crab apples, and they don't get any bigger than this. She moved to a new house last fall and is curious to find out what it is. She said even the squirrels wouldn't eat them, though one of the ladies in class tasted it. It didn't really have a distinctive smell, or at least one that I was familiar with. 
 Any ideas what it is?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to school and remodel

The first couple of days back to work have gone quickly as I try to get everything ready so I can open for student checkout. It's fun to see how excited kids are to come and check out a book.

You might remember last year at this time I was unpacking hundreds of boxes of books because we moved to another location for one and a half years while they remodeled our building. Even though I am not looking forward to packing those books again, we got some sneak peek pictures of how the school is coming along. Here is the media center...I think this is where my desk will be.

I might be able to get more excited now!We move the weekend of Nov. 30. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Please vote for me! yes, I'm begging....

I entered my Potato Chip Quilt in the Babylock Facebook contest Are you Eleanor's Biggest Fan? The grand prize is to go to a retreat with Eleanor fun would that be? So if you are on facebook and would like to help me win this contest, just go here and vote for me!

Today I am back to school, starting with an all district breakfast/new school year kick-off. I'm not ready to give up my days of sewing, but I guess I will get back in the swing of it quickly once I get there. At least this year I don't have 350 boxes to unpack! We are starting out the year in our temporary school and will move back to our remodeled building around Christmas. So I will have to pack and unpack the library again as that gets closer. Not really looking forward to it, but the new media center should be wonderful, so there will be that to look forward to.

Don't want to be late for my first day back...better go!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Quilted Peas in a Pod

 It's always great to take another quilted finish off the machine. After a rocky start yesterday, I got the newest version of the Peas in a Pod quilt quilted. I broke a needle close to the end of the first row. Not sure why, there was nothing to hit, so guess it was just weak. I put in a new needle and finished quilting the row, but there were skipped stitches....very large ones. So I unsewed, and requilted again....better but still some skipped stitches. I adjusted the needle and tried again after unsewing AGAIN....still a problem. So I unsewed, adjusted the needle, lowered the back bar a little, took a break and tried again and it sewed perfectly. Whew! I hate when that happens. I was afraid I was going to wear out the fabric requilting!
 I used the same panto as I did on the Twister quilt.
 I used white on the back, which I don't usually do, and the thread is Signature Victorian. It's a nice variegated thread, not as bright and colorful as the Tyedye, so perfect for this quilt.
I plan on binding it later today. I will be teaching a class on this quilt at Cut Up and Quilt in November.

Today is the last day to sign up to win a free copy of the My Memories software on Gene's blog. I have this software, and it is a fun and easy way to make scrapbooks and other items with your digital pictures. It's very user friendly. Run and sign up while there is still time!

I go back to school tomorrow, so today is my last day off for the summer break. I think I should just sit and do nothing today so that the time goes very slowly! I do have a sampler club tonight. They are always fun classes.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Twister quilted!

 I finally had time to do some quilting Friday afternoon and finished quilting the Twister quilt I started before I went on the retreat. Love this panto and how it turned out. It fills in really well, and doesn't look row-y, if you know what I mean.
 I took the class models up to the store yesterday and got them all hung and the paperwork in the book. I will get the Upcoming Classes page on here updated soon. It's a good feeling to have it all taken care of!
I want to load the new Peas in a Pod quilt today and get it quilted. It should go quickly since it's not that large. Then the new Circle and Spin quilt needs a anyone?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Mr. Snoopy Conrad

Whenever I print, Conrad comes from wherever he is and watches the paper print out. Sometimes he stands on the table next to the printer and peers in, waiting for the paper to start coming out. The other night he jumped up on top. I have that shelf there because Smokey always likes sitting on the printer while I work on the computer. She doesn't really pay attention to the printing, but she is 10so has probably gotten used to it.

Plus now she has her other favorite spot....
which I don't like, and sometimes just pick her up and move her, but she keeps trying.

I spent yesterday taking Mom and Dad to Harlan for Mom's chemo appt. Dad and I did some shopping, as there isn't room to stay and keep her company during the treatment.

I have more class prep work to do today, but might be be able to make it to the quilting room today to finish that Twister quilt. It's a beautiful morning here so a great day to be outside as well.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Paperwork day...ugh!

 I spent Monday sewing with a couple friends. I hung some class displays at the store first, and then put the borders on the Circle and Spin Quilt. I really love these fabrics! Now to get it quilted...may not happen for awhile.

I spent Tuesday doing some paperwork that I needed to do so I can get the rest of my fall class schedule posted. Most of the day was spent writing a pattern. I also worked on a couple of supply sheets....are you yawning yet? Yea, not too exciting.
Dianne finished her butterfly quilt Monday, that border really brings out the color of the butterflies.

Later today I am going to my folks' house...going to spend the night and take Mom to her chemo appt. on Thurs. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More retreat pix

 As I look through the pix I took, I realize we got lots accomplished! Not that I doubted it, but you really see it when you  look at the quilts. Above is Cindy's disappearing nine patch. Such playful fabrics.
 Rose worked on a twister flag. Love twister quilts!
Rose also finished her version of the Spiraling Out Sampler. She was worried about the alternate block colors, but we thought it was awesome!

 Here it is all finished. Pat also worked on her purple Twister....
 Also finished!
 Dianne liked Cindy's disappearing nine patch so much, she started one of her own!
 Kim worked on this cute snowman out of some of the fabrics in her new shop. Tell her hi and "like" her facebook page. They will have online shopping eventually as well.
 Cindy started a kitty Turning Twenty on the last day. The fabrics are so pretty!
 She also made a Twister, but I forgot to take a before picture.
 Dianne was having trouble getting her butterflies to fly right, but they turned out pretty too. Our seventh friend came Friday afternoon, and I didn't get very good pix of her.
She is admiring Dianne's quilt here, lovely ponytail. Below she is hiding behind her hand....she really isn't all that bashful! I have another picture of her with the quilt she worked on, but I can't post it as it is a gift. 
 I worked on a new version of the Circle and Spin too. I didn't have the border fabric yet, so couldn't finish the top...but I got it yesterday and finished it so I will post pix tomorrow.
I made these cute potholders that I had cut out another day out of fabric leftovers. 
 This is another beautiful snowman quilt that Kim made. It is much prettier in person, soft blues and browns.

 We stopped at a cute gift/fabric shop in Atlantic, Something for You,  and I had to have this fabric! Since I didn't know what I would use it for, I just got enough to make a pillow case. I will get to enjoy it more that way than waiting for a project to use it in. So I made it... just to make sure I got it finished! I also got a book that intrigued me.
I started a new Sampler quilt on the retreat, not ready to post pictures of that yet.

Yesterday I went to the store and hung some models, then finished the Circle and Spin quilt. I have lots planned for today, as I have more paperwork to get ready so that I can post more fall classes. Plus I still have 2 patterns to write...they don't just write themselves, unfortunately. And let's not forget the Twister's still up there on the quilting machine waiting for me to finish it. Guess I'd better go get busy!