Sunday, April 21, 2013

Almost a pillow and class finishes!

You might remember back in March when I taught the Circle and Spin class to a local quilt club. We had a great time, so they invited me back to teach them a different technique of paper piecing using the Sparkling Prisms design.When I arrived yesterday for that class, they had brought some show and tell for me!

Evelyn's granddaughter requested an all purple she set to work on this beauty.She finished it by quilting it herself on her daughter's quilt machine.
 Earl's top is finished and ready to quilt! So bright and colorful! Another of the quilters had finished her top, but forgot to bring it. I love seeing the finished quilts from my classes! More pictures of yesterday's class tomorrow...

After dinner, I worked on the Cobblestone Pillow model for the kid's class this summer. It's almost a pillow! At least in this picture you can tell it's pink and teal!

Today I need to finish quilting the flying geese quilt and do some cleaning...after being sick the past couple weeks, it looks pretty bad around here. 

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